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Dubious Companions
Dubious Companions:
The Road to Ruein

by John McClenny

Dubious Companions is a fantasy adventure in the Swords and Sorcery genre. It follows the journey of Reynan and Ceric in their quest for fame, fortune and most importantly, the power to determine their own fate. Gender roles are reversed with the warrior Reynan, a woman of noble birth and the sorcerer Ceric, a male dependent on herbs and magic to compensate for his limited constitution.

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God's Blood
God's Blood, God Seed
by John McClenny

God's Blood, God Seed is the first in a series of novels tracing the path and exploits of Jon Logan from the Flint Hills of twenty-first century Kansas backwards in time to the last ice age and his full circle return to the modern world. Often more by accident than design, Logan plays an integral part in building the collective mythology of the human race.

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