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Dubious Companions
Barely Bound: Tales of Horror
by Paul Fecteau and John McClenny

Barely Bound collects pulp stories by Paul Fecteau and John McClenny. Among the denizens of the wide and weird landscape of Barely Bound, you’ll meet a drunk driver with a zombie problem, a travelling preacher with a dark secret, a high school cheerleader who is a serial killer, a couple time-travelling professors, a rock star who earns her Goth cred the hard way, a vampire hunter in love with a vampire, the black-eyed kids of urban legend, a very romantic necrophiliac, werewolves and witchdoctors, a shapeshifting prostitute, a preacher whose twin brother has taken the Left Hand Path, a real estate agent who handles haunted properties, a psychic janitor in a psych ward, two girls on a midnight mission in a mortuary, and a believer and a skeptic who actually get along.

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  God's Blood
by John McClenny

Wolfbitch is a Cyber-Gothic novel blending technology and supernatural elements in a not too distant future. The story follows a kick-ass young heroine known as Spike as she struggles to survive the curse of lycanthropy in a hostile world beset with violence, drugs and sexual deviance. Her nickname derives from her spiked hair and the steel fighting spikes she uses to deadly effect against denizens made of flesh and blood and otherwise. It isn't a kind or just world, but even at its worst, there are still worthy companions and friends to be found.

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